Proper Wedding Etiquette

wedding-etiquetteWeddings can surely be stressful at times and the fact that what is considered proper wedding etiquette is constantly changing is sure not helping either.

So how would one know what is and what is not acceptable? Just to mention one only asked question, is it acceptable to tell everyone that you would prefer money rather then betting gifts?

If you are unsure about proper wedding etiquette you don’t need to keep in the dark. Let me introduce you to a helpful wedding etiquette guide I found just last week.

The wedding etiquette guide at The Hello Magazine covers such important questions as whom to tell about you are engagement first.

Did you know that it is considered proper to tell your children from previous marriages first rather than informing your parents right away? On the other hand you may possibly agree with what they say that spreading the news on social media be the last thing on your list.

If you want to learn more about today’s proper wedding etiquette I can recommend that you took over this list, it can be very helpful.