Do You Know The Singing Waiters?

If you happen to live in the UK and you are somewhat up-to-date with what’s going on in London entertainment scene, you will likely have heard of The Singing Waiters. The reason is that The Singing Waiters are U.K.’s most popular so-called “surprise entertainment” act.

If you don’t know what “surprise entertainment” is, think about those musicians and dancers that can be booked for events such as weddings or birthdays where they attend the party disguised so that no one knows today are actually here. The guests are usually thinking that those guys are just normal waiters until, of course, they start with their show out of the blue. This form of entertainment is very popular right now because it can make for the most memorable events for everyone, much better than your average wedding band.

The Singing Waiters are not just popular because of their classic “singing waiters” act, but in recent times also because of various flash mob performances at the most popular public spots all across the United Kingdom. Now, the successful surprise entertainment group has expanded their musical repertoire even more. They now have special acts for children’s birthdays where they appear as superheroes and have just recently started to perform on a number of British cruise ships as well.

The success of The Singing Waiters in the UK and beyond is mainly based on that all the members in the group have a professional background in music and dance. This makes The Singing Waiters not only a good choice for light entertainment, such as for weddings or parties, but also for “more serious” events such as corporateĀ  entertainment where someone is booking the group for quality world-class entertainment, up to and including stunning vocal Jazz or classical Opera performances.