Wedding Venues And Fire Safety

wedding-safetyAs someone in the wedding biz, we need to consider all kinds of things for our clients.

The main goal of a wedding planner is of course that we want our customers to have the best day of their lives. The catering must be top notch, the music, the wedding photographer and everything in between. Check.

What many who are a planning a wedding are probably not even thinking about is the safety of their wedding venue, and this is also one of our top priorities. One of them is fire-safety, which is always important no matter whether a wedding is held inside or in some location outdoors.

Up until recently, there wasn’t really much to do for outdoor fire safety, aside from the usual things such as providing fire extinguishers and of course making sure that things such as grilling or fireworks are as safe as possible. But now we have gotten help in the form of a fire spotting camera.

A fire spotting camera is like a normal camera, except that it can spot a fire, as the name implies. In other words, a fire spotting camera can monitor a large venue and will strike an alarm if it sees a fire. The best thing is that a fire camera can easily replace any normal video camera everywhere there where there’s already a camera system in place. For us, the fire camera has become an important tool that allows us to increase the safety of our customers even more!

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