Getting in Shape Before Your Big Day

fitness-weddingIf there is still some months to go until your wedding day, it can be a great opportunity for you to get in top shape in the meantime! If you plan on a wedding this coming spring or summer, now in the colder time of the year is the ideal time to get fit and in shape and do something for your body!

You would be surprised how easy it can be to lose the one or the other unwanted pound or maybe to build up those abs or butt muscles you always wanted. No matter what, a bit of exercise is the best thing you can do rather than let the winter months go by idly. Comes spring and summer, be assuredĀ  you will be thankful for your efforts.

Fortunately, getting in shape for your big day shouldn’t be an issue since you won’t have to look long find a good fitness studio or gym. Almost any town has them today and they have gotten very affordable as well.

However, if you want to get in shape and want to do that properly I recommend that you do not simply sign up with a gym but ratherĀ  choose a fitness gym that can offer you personalized training and advice. Not all gyms might offer trainers so it might be worth comparing a few side-by-side. A personalised trainer can tell you about the right exercise routines such as when you want to get a flatter tummy, stronger abs or want to lose the one or the other unwanted pound here or there. You don’t have this type of guidance when you simply get a gym membership card!

A good fitness studio I recommend should you happen to live in or near London is the London Fields Gym. What I like about them is their good selection of exercise equipment and they are very friendly and helpful trainers. They have a bunch of fitness classes like Pilates in Hackney you can join. the best thing is tell them about your upcoming wedding, they can help you to get in top form! (And of course this works for your husband to be as well!!)