Wedding Venues And Fire Safety

wedding-safetyAs someone in the wedding biz, we need to consider all kinds of things for our clients.

The main goal of a wedding planner is of course that we want our customers to have the best day of their lives. The catering must be top notch, the music, the wedding photographer and everything in between. Check.

What many who are a planning a wedding are probably not even thinking about is the safety of their wedding venue, and this is also one of our top priorities. One of them is fire-safety, which is always important no matter whether a wedding is held inside or in some location outdoors.

Up until recently, there wasn’t really much to do for outdoor fire safety, aside from the usual things such as providing fire extinguishers and of course making sure that things such as grilling or fireworks are as safe as possible. But now we have gotten help in the form of a fire spotting camera.

A fire spotting camera is like a normal camera, except that it can spot a fire, as the name implies. In other words, a fire spotting camera can monitor a large venue and will strike an alarm if it sees a fire. The best thing is that a fire camera can easily replace any normal video camera everywhere there where there’s already a camera system in place. For us, the fire camera has become an important tool that allows us to increase the safety of our customers even more!

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Do You Know The Singing Waiters?

If you happen to live in the UK and you are somewhat up-to-date with what’s going on in London entertainment scene, you will likely have heard of The Singing Waiters. The reason is that The Singing Waiters are U.K.’s most popular so-called “surprise entertainment” act.

If you don’t know what “surprise entertainment” is, think about those musicians and dancers that can be booked for events such as weddings or birthdays where they attend the party disguised so that no one knows today are actually here. The guests are usually thinking that those guys are just normal waiters until, of course, they start with their show out of the blue. This form of entertainment is very popular right now because it can make for the most memorable events for everyone, much better than your average wedding band.

The Singing Waiters are not just popular because of their classic “singing waiters” act, but in recent times also because of various flash mob performances at the most popular public spots all across the United Kingdom. Now, the successful surprise entertainment group has expanded their musical repertoire even more. They now have special acts for children’s birthdays where they appear as superheroes and have just recently started to perform on a number of British cruise ships as well.

The success of The Singing Waiters in the UK and beyond is mainly based on that all the members in the group have a professional background in music and dance. This makes The Singing Waiters not only a good choice for light entertainment, such as for weddings or parties, but also for “more serious” events such as corporateĀ  entertainment where someone is booking the group for quality world-class entertainment, up to and including stunning vocal Jazz or classical Opera performances.

Creative Furniture Designs From London UK

Mac & Wood is expanding their collection of bespoke furniture made from reclaimed wood. The London UK furniture designer is now also offering stylish office desks. The desks are based on the same great design as their reclaimed dining table that is made from old, reclaimed wood and steel.

Now you can put the warmth and rustic flair of reclaimed wood not only in your dining room or kitchen, it can now also be the center-point of any office.

My tip: Custom-made furniture creations from reclaimed wood make stellar wedding gifts!

The Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

honeymoon at lanikai beachIf you’re thinking about where you want to spend your honeymoon, here’s a tip: it doesn’t always have to be Hawaii! In fact, there are a good number of amazing luxury honeymoon location all over the globe.

Would you love a honeymoon under the sun on a tropical island or would you rather prefer to spend your time in a an exciting city with flair such as Paris? No matter what taste you have, I found a great list with ten of the best luxury honeymoon destinations that I can highly recommend to you!

The honeymoon list at The Telegraph goes over such great exotic destinations like St. Lucia in the Carribean or Niyama in the Maldives. And if you’d like the flair of a world-city, check out their descriptions and tips for a great holiday in Venice or Paris.

Of course, the list has a lot more honeymoon destinations for you but I say it’s best if you check the list for yourself!

What I like about this list is that it also lists the prices for honeymoon packages, that is all the prices including hotel stays and the flights and not all of those luxury honeymoon destinations must cost a fortune!

If however you are on a budget and want to spend your money wisely, how about a camping honeymoon? Make no mistake, such a camping honeymoon can be a lot of fun and is sure not to beat when it comes to excitement! Just rent a luxurious camper van for an amazing honeymoon on a budget!

Getting in Shape Before Your Big Day

fitness-weddingIf there is still some months to go until your wedding day, it can be a great opportunity for you to get in top shape in the meantime! If you plan on a wedding this coming spring or summer, now in the colder time of the year is the ideal time to get fit and in shape and do something for your body!

You would be surprised how easy it can be to lose the one or the other unwanted pound or maybe to build up those abs or butt muscles you always wanted. No matter what, a bit of exercise is the best thing you can do rather than let the winter months go by idly. Comes spring and summer, be assuredĀ  you will be thankful for your efforts.

Fortunately, getting in shape for your big day shouldn’t be an issue since you won’t have to look long find a good fitness studio or gym. Almost any town has them today and they have gotten very affordable as well.

However, if you want to get in shape and want to do that properly I recommend that you do not simply sign up with a gym but ratherĀ  choose a fitness gym that can offer you personalized training and advice. Not all gyms might offer trainers so it might be worth comparing a few side-by-side. A personalised trainer can tell you about the right exercise routines such as when you want to get a flatter tummy, stronger abs or want to lose the one or the other unwanted pound here or there. You don’t have this type of guidance when you simply get a gym membership card!

A good fitness studio I recommend should you happen to live in or near London is the London Fields Gym. What I like about them is their good selection of exercise equipment and they are very friendly and helpful trainers. They have a bunch of fitness classes like Pilates in Hackney you can join. the best thing is tell them about your upcoming wedding, they can help you to get in top form! (And of course this works for your husband to be as well!!)

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Proper Wedding Etiquette

wedding-etiquetteWeddings can surely be stressful at times and the fact that what is considered proper wedding etiquette is constantly changing is sure not helping either.

So how would one know what is and what is not acceptable? Just to mention one only asked question, is it acceptable to tell everyone that you would prefer money rather then betting gifts?

If you are unsure about proper wedding etiquette you don’t need to keep in the dark. Let me introduce you to a helpful wedding etiquette guide I found just last week.

The wedding etiquette guide at The Hello Magazine covers such important questions as whom to tell about you are engagement first.

Did you know that it is considered proper to tell your children from previous marriages first rather than informing your parents right away? On the other hand you may possibly agree with what they say that spreading the news on social media be the last thing on your list.

If you want to learn more about today’s proper wedding etiquette I can recommend that you took over this list, it can be very helpful.