Creative Furniture Designs From London UK

reclaimed-mac-and-wood-table-close-up reclaimed-Mac-Wood-Desk-4
Mac & Wood is expanding their collection of bespoke furniture made from reclaimed wood. The London UK furniture designer is now also offering stylish office desks. The desks are based on the same great design as their bespoke dining tables that are made from old, reclaimed wood and steel.

Now you can put the warmth and rustic flair of reclaimed wood not only in your dining room or kitchen, it can now also be the center-point of any office.

My tip: Mac & Woods’s furniture creations make stellar wedding gifts!

The First Thing Newlyweds Want To Do …


Well, it’s not what you and me might think!  According to a recent survey, the first thing newlyweds want to do is going on facebook to update their status!

The Daily Mail found that about a third of those who have just got engaged announce the news online withing 24 hours. They also found that 13.72% of couples who marry are most likely to meet through a dating site

A whopping 78.07% of those asked will update their Facebook status to married withing a week.

The study also found that 38% have themed wedding such as vintage, steampunk or based on their favorite TV shows.

What is also interesting to know is that the study revealed that almost as many couples meet on the internet today as the number of those couples who first meet in bars or other social places!